Daniel and Megan Engagement - Anchorage Greenhouse

The light was perfectly golden seeping through foggy greenhouse windows. The laughs were so heart warming that we completely lost track of time, truly enjoying documenting every single moment of their time together.

Megan and Daniel share a love that is full of surprises, inside jokes and unstoppable amount of laughs. They brought along Uno cards, as the played a game reminiscing on the time they first connected playing the game on their first date. You could feel their connection and sass as they attempted to peek into each other’s cards. And to our surprise, Megan brought along her Ukulele.  Our eyes lit up with excitement to watch her play and sing to Daniel. Her voice was sweet and melodic, and Daniel’s eyes were full of love for her. They danced and ran through the lush green pathways to only end in each other’s arms where they held each other with the thoughts of belonging.

This engagement session was one for the books. Every moment still brings the biggest smiles to our eyes.  

Tanya Val