Britton Family

Natalie first reached out to me before their their son was even born, but she knew that she wanted to document their new addition soon after he was born. She told me she loved our style and wanted the session to be outdoors. Perfect! 

We brainstormed ideas and collaborated in order to come up with the perfect story to tell. 

This gorgeous Alaskan evening could not of been more perfect. Otto, their beautiful newborn son, loved nothing more than to hear his moms lullabies and his dads warm touch. I still reminisce on how dreamy this night was. 

I wanted to share a few words Natalie wrote on her blog. Her words are so beautiful and so fitting. 

"If I could pause time now as the sun is rising and casting all things in sunshine and gold, I would. I would take a hundred years to live here, now, in the sweet, powder-white smell of my newborn baby. I’d live a hundred years in bed on a Sunday morning with my husband at my side, my cooing son nestled in between us. I’d live here in the sounds of his chirpy cries, in the feel of him at my breast, and in the warmth of our small home that is momentarily my whole world. Here, in unwashed laundry and dishes in the sink and birth center bags still yet to be unpacked. Now, in the warm embrace of calls and congratulations and love from family and friends near and far. I’d exist here for a hundred years, as the true meaning of life is made clear. What more is there than family and love and new life? There is nothing more than this."

-Natalie Britton 


Tanya Val